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9 Valentine's Gifts For Vinyl Lovers

We've compiled the ultimate gift guide for vinyl lovers: Gifts so sweet, they'll give you a toothache.


Give Good Gear

1. PRO-JECT Debut Carbon EVO Turntable, High Gloss Red

For the vinyl virgin, this HiFi listening turntable sounds better than it looks - and it looks fantastic.

2. SERATO Performance Series Control Vinyl, Neon Pink

This neon pink control vinyl gives the Mixmaster in your life a louder tone for better tracking + control. Make 'em scream "wicky-wicky-waaaah!"

3. CROSLEY Cruiser Plus Suitcase Turntable, Rose Floral

A charming suitcase turntable could be just the thing for your next romantic getaway. While not recommended for daily use, sometimes you gotta hit the road and get outta town, you know?


Wear Your Heart on Your (Blank)

4. Vinyl Hex Cufflinks, upcycled

Sleek, chic and a little bit irreverent - these cufflinks keep you cool even when you have to wear the monkey suit.

5. Pink Record Player Enamel Pin

When the music is good, what comes next can only be better. Can you say "Oui, Oui?"

6. Vinyl Record Player LP Pendant, Brass and Walnut

A one-of-a-kind work of art, handmade in Italy and ready to make your lover's day.


Sounds Like True Love

7. Vinylify Custom 10" Record

Like a mixtape, but so much cooler! Upload your tracks, customize your cover and labels, and the good folks at Vinylify will cut your unique 10" record by hand at their studio in Amsterdam. They even have heart-shaped vinyl! Order by January 26th for Valentine's.

8. SOUNDBOX Custom Mini Box Set

Bulk up your sweetie's collection with a personalized selection of three vintage albums. Queerly in Love? Vinyl & Chill? Tell us their poison, and we'll deliver. Order by January 31st.

9. SOUNDBOX & Chill with DJ Jane Kim

Set the mood with this smooth selection of albums hand-picked by curator Jane Kim. With classic albums from Chicago, The Jackson 5, Teddy Pendergrass, Commodores and more.