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SOUNDBOX curates one-of-a-kind vinyl box sets that take the guesswork out of collecting pre-owned vinyl.


Built on more than four decades in entertainment and luxury retail, SOUNDBOX democratizes the record buying experience and proves that making extraordinary memories doesn't always require an extraordinary budget.


SOUNDBOX works exclusively with pre-owned media to encourage responsible collecting and lessen the demand for newly pressed albums.




The production of vinyl records is a dirty business. The PVC used to make records can take up to 1,000 years to decompose, and archaic album presses consume more than twice the energy of newer (and much less common) injection-molding machinery. 

SOUNDBOX works exclusively with pre-owned media to lessen the demand for newly-pressed albums, and encourage responsible collecting. 

Other ways SOUNDBOX looks to lessen our environmental impact: 

  • Use Recyclable/Post-Consumer Packaging whenever possible

  • Use pre-owned and vintage inventory whenever possible

  • Support small businesses and avoid retail conglomerates

  • Work From Home to lower carbon footprint of commuting and office space


As a woman-owned company, SOUNDBOX is committed to prioritizing partnerships with individuals and small businesses owned by marginalized groups historically underrepresented in the entertainment and retail industries. 


SOUNDBOX pledges to work with American-Made small businesses whenever possible. You will never find SOUNDBOX for sale on


Soundtrack a well-lived life with SOUNDBOX.

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