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Curator Chronicles: Jay*Clipp, Global DJ on the Move

For the latest drop in our ARTIST SERIES, SOUNDBOX hooked up with Jay*Clipp to create a box set of Hip-Hop Essentials. With clients like 9th Wonder, Eykah Badu, Jay-Z and LeBron James, Clipp’s knowledge is deep when it comes to the culture. Find out what makes him tick as he answers the 6 questions on our mind this week.

Photo cred: @DennisVollmer

Jay*Clipp hit the SOUNDBOX radar back in 2015, after an RBMA roundtable with 9th Wonder in NYC led to a quick-and-dirty education on the True School Corporation, which Clipp co-founded with 9th, Josson, DJ Cuzzin B, Vince Victory, Cesar Camanche, and T. Reaves. A true connoisseur of hip hop history, Clipp’s sets are a satisfying mix of old and new school favorites, and the mix is always impeccable. When he’s not traveling to gigs, Clipp is elevating the culture with his company Keep Spinning DJ Academy, teaching the next generation of DJs how to do it right.

Hungry for more? Let’s jump on in!

1. What’s your origin story?

I actually started when I was 15 years old, with one of the older DJs around the way in New York. At the time I was too young, they wouldn’t let me DJ at the clubs, but I was cool enough to carry records around. So I was literally the crate boy for DJ Supreme, and he would turn around and get the records out of my arms for the gig. That was like my internship for a few years.

2. Tell us about a venue you wouldn’t mind playing again.

Off the top of my head, I would have to say Ivy Pool, an outdoor pool club in Sydney, Australia. It was January, so their summer, it was an absolutely incredible situation. Really fun and super hype party.

3. How often do you buy vinyl?

I’ve gotten back into it more recently, been rocking some Fresh 45s nights with my guy Leo J, so I’ve been adding to the collection. I had so much fun digging again. The pandemic slowed everything down, so I had time to get back into it.

4. What’s your favorite hometown record store?

Josey Records in Dallas, TX - I’m partial to it, you know I’m cool with those guys, so you’re gonna support the homies. Forever Young is probably my next go-to, in Arlington, TX. It’s huge.

5. First album?

First vinyl? I’m Bad by LL Cool J, it was a 45. My mom got it for me after work. Anything I asked her for when it came to music, she knew how important it was to me, and she wanted to support her son. She’d show up at home with that green and white bag from Michelle’s Records, and I KNEW what was up! I’m so grateful to my mom for that. And I still have that LL Cool J record.

6. Guilty Pleasure Track (You’re Willing to Admit To)

Uhhhhhhh… (awkward laugh)... It’s a flip of Miley Cyrus’s Party in the USA, but it’s called Party in the ATL. So it basically has different Atlanta artists like Ludacris, but it’s still her singing over the whole record. I’ll probably get ripped for this!

Stay tuned for Part II with Jay, dropping on the blog in a few days.

Shop Jay*Clipp’s limited edition box set now, and follow him on Instagram to see where he’s taking off to next.

Want more? Explore our full Artist Series and let us know who you'd like to see in the comments below!



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