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Curator Chronicles: Jane Kim aka DJ Snacks, & Founder of Axiom Music

In the first of our ARTIST SERIES, SOUNDBOX partnered with Jane Kim to create the ultimate chill collection. Learn more about Jane as she answers the 6 questions on our mind this week.


SOUNDBOX first met Jane Kim (aka DJ Snacks) perched behind the decks in the window of some long-forgotten store opening, laying down an unforgettable happy-house-meets-disco soundtrack. Half a decade later, and Jane’s running her own music agency, shepherding the careers of artists like Emma Oliver, Ish D and Audrey Nuna, buying talent for music festivals, clubs and branded events, & discovering new talent as an A&R for SMG Ent. Oh, and she still somehow finds time to DJ, building sonic landscapes for Christian Dior and Ralph Lauren events.

We want to know more! Tell us, Jane:

1. Why "DJ Snacks?"

Snacks make me happy. Good music can do the same. And I’d like to think the vibes i provide are mm mm good.

2. What is the first album you owned (and what format)?

Cassette Tape album of a Korean R&B artist by the name of Kim Gun Mo. I was 7 years old living in Seoul then!

3. What was your best vinyl score to date (and from where)?

Earth, Wind & Fire Greatest Hits at a garage sale!!

4. Your favorite guilty-pleasure track?

John Mayer - Stop This Train

5. Your ride-or-die described in three words?

Warm, Fuzzy, Meow

6. Picture it: your perfect Saturday. Tell us about it.

Sleeping in 'til 10 am. Make myself a great cup of coffee. Make eggs and pancakes at home while listening to the stellar soundtrack of Cowboy Bebop on vinyl. Watch a movie on my couch in the afternoon and then head out to dinner to meet some friends for some noodles.

Shop the limited edition Jane Kim Box Set now, and catch all her tasty beats on Soundcloud.

Want more? Explore our full Artist Series and let us know who you'd like to see in the comments below!



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